Friday, 4 April 2014


The government of Nigeria is looking for investor and promoting the country economy potential but there is a problem. The lack of electricity will kill the effort. Many small scale business are dead, the overhead cost of running the business is getting higher as majority have to rely on generators to power their business. A friend business was running at lost and when we go through his book, we realised he spending more of fuel to power his generator.

The enterpeur ideal of this government will fail if something is not urgently done and improve on the electricity supply even the entire system is suffering from this problem. I have to buy fuel everyday to fuel my generator after paying PHCN and service charge for service never render. if all household cost of fuel is added together that will run into trillions of Naira every month.
The cost on fuel amount to what should or could have been SAVED and probably turn as INVESTMENT; SAVING=INVESTMENT.

There are lots of opportunities awaiting Nigeria and her people if electricity supply is constant. The growth and development is center around electricity and good policies. Alternate source of power generation should be considered e.g. bio electricity, solar power.