Wednesday, 5 June 2013


A democratic process that brought Governor Rotimi Amaechi back as the Chairman of Nigeria Governor Forum 2013 was void by the President G.E. Jonathan and the PDP gang leaders on the bases that Governor Jang of Jos was selected by the party. The people of Nigeria need to check and act fast on this as we approach 2015 general election. I am of the view that the President and his gang are planning to impose self on us all.

It is a shame that PDP can come out in the open over this issue, democracy is the government of the people and for the few or association of president. Democracy did not tell out, we should agree on issues of national interest because are in the same party even if the party is taking the country back. Also, it is clear that PDP is not the only party represented at the Governors Forum. it is clear how PDP celebrate corruption in all areas of our country. What a Shame.

I hope the Governor of APC; ACN, ANPP, APGA, CPC and few sensible governors in PDP will stand against corruption just like every Nigerians stood by the President after the death of President Umar Yahadua when some political hoodlums want to hijack the takeover process. Nigerians are watching