Friday, 7 June 2013


Yesterday another container fell of a truck and landed on a van (Eko Meat) along Agege motor road Lagos, leading to deaths of passengers in the van. The role of the traffic agencies is to ensure safer road for commuters and drivers but instead of motoring trucks or vehicles that are completely dangerous on our raods, they station self at almost every corners of Lagos state stopping vehicles that are good for the purpose of extorting money giving one silly or stupid reasons.

Containers falling off trucks have welcome trend in Lagos, people are been killed and the FRSC, LASTMA, VIO AND THE POLICE care not, as long as they keep extorting money from vehicles owners. Even some of these trucks did not and can never pass mot test, they are still allow on our roads. Also they are suppose to be in the capacity to determine on the spot if trucks should carry the load as specified.

Today, going to my office between Jibowu and Idi oro there are Police, FRSC, LASTMA and VIO check points, they purposely ignore commercial vehicles and trucks that are completly of the road. I think it is time government merge this agencies together maybe something meaningful can come out. I wonder how our road will be safe if those who are with the responsibility are not doing their jobs.

My advice to drivers is not to get closer or stay by the side of truck with containers on them, God will continue to protect us from terrors on our raods