Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Simple Way To Become A Property Owner In Nigeria

With prices of cement, blocks , land and other housing materials on the increase, the use of prefabricated materials. A prefab house is shortened name for a prefabricated house, which is a home that has components manufactured in an off-site industrial facility. They are sometimes referred to as factory-made or modular home, although there are some differences. In a prefab house, the walls and wall units are made in a factory, whereas modular homes have entire sections of the house build off site. By manufacturing the parts of a prefab house off site, waste is reduced and less time and energy are expended during construction. In addition, the slab put in for a prefab house is much easier to arrange than the foundation of a traditional home.

The benefits of buying a prefab house include ease of mobility, speedy construction, and fewer expenses. These houses are usually less expensive to build and can be put up in only a few days, complete with wiring, heating, and plumbing. The only thing buyers must provide for their prefab house is a plot of land on which to put it.

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