Thursday, 25 April 2013


The almight attitude of Jose Mourinho fail Madrid yesterday. He left out Ikea Casillias out as old but forgetten that match of such requires experience player. What is Pepe doing on the pitch , hooo Portual connection.

I think they were the best team by far,” Mourinho said afterwards. “On every individual battle on the pitch they were stronger than us, they were more aggressive physically, they were more aggressive mentally so I think they deserve.
”How did it go from 1-1 to 4-1? I really don't know,“ Mourinho said of Dortmund's second-half onslaught that took the game away from Real. ”It was everything happened in a very short space of time in far goal from position where I was, but it looks for me again that we lost easy possession, easy possession and we couldn't cope with their counter-attack and with their transition.“

Lewandowski in awe of rampant Dortmund