Monday, 29 April 2013


Today, I read in one of the newspaper that NLC will provide 600,000 units housing to memeber, is that so? The Income of the Executive and House members is more than the entire Federal Government Labour Force, while there Salary increases, workers decline considering rating of inflation. To my surprise, the government with some house of assembly members want to increase the beneftit to the ex executives, what are they doing.

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria can not be measure, i think the best word to discribe it, is scattered unemployment, as it spread across all the sectors of the ecnomy. Nobody is or should expect any changes or improvement in the next 10 years, only grace of God can see us through. I wonder what NLC positions are or what they stand for. I also wonder why NLC is taking over the role of the Executive; to provide accomodation to most Nigerians.