Wednesday, 10 April 2013

is CNN Christiane Amanpour's Right on Electricity Supply in Nigeria

Electricity Supply in Nigeria have gone, I have experince almost seven days of blackout. This can only be experince during war and disaster but nothing of such in Nigeria. I dont know if Chris Amanpour's is right in her interview with our president?

We paid N500 monthly as service charge for electricity we did not use, i thought service charge on service used. If we multiply the N500 with number of users, that would have amounted to over Trillions of Naira and yet PHCN dont have money. Ho sorry, its due to non supply of gas by NNPC. What is going on? is someone in charge at all? Nigerians have spent all their savings in buying gas for their generator. 

The economist says Savings equal Investment, so where is the savings? when savings have been spent to buy generator and gas.