Thursday, 18 July 2013



As we wait on Him in prayer with all seriousness, this season, we can be sure that JESUS who is now our theme and focus will change our stories to glory by His Mighty Power. Amen.



1. Let us pray that God will establish His church with ease in other part of the world where RCCG has not reached. (Psalms 24.1-10, Acts 16.5)

2. Let us thank God for all the unusual miracles He is going to do this time around in 2013 Annual Convention (Deuteronomy 11: 3; John 622)

3. Let us thank God for all the past National Conventions. (Psalmsl24: 1-8)

4. Let us bless the name of the LORD for empowering us under the leadership of our Daddy Pastor E.A. Adeboye to witness great expansions in every new RCCG calendar year. (Psalmsl27:l-3)

5. Let us ask for mercy on behalf of the participants and every member of RCCG. (Jeremiah 30.18, Romans 9.15-16)

6. Let us pray that God will remember the barren and those suffering from secondary infertility in this year convention. (1 Samuel 1:16-20)

7. Let us plead the Blood of Jesus to frustrate every programmed evil accident and traffic jam on Lagos – Ibadan Express Way on every road throughout Nigeria before, during and after this convention. (Psalms 121.5-6)

8. Let us pray for those working in the Kitchen, Engineering Department etc, that God should guide them aright. (Psalms 121 .7)

9. Let us ask God to use all the Ministers and invited guests mightily by the power of the Holy Ghost. (1Samuel 16: 13; Acts 1: 8, Acts 10: 38)

10. Ask God to raise Pastors/Missionaries to go to the yet unreached countries for His purpose. (Jeremiah 1.5-8)

11. Let us ask God to visit RCCG with signs and wonders as we shall begin to plant more churches all over the world after this convention. (Isaiah 2.2-3; Psalms 127: 1)

12. Let us ask God to open the eyes of the people of the yet unreached pan of the world in such a way that they will know the true God who is our Lord Jesus Christ after this convention. (John 4.28-30)

13. Let us pray that God will use Daddy G.O like never before, to use the Word of God to reshape every altered Destiny in the life of the children that will be in the program. (Isaiah 10.27)

14. Let us pray that God will anoint all the children to fulfil their destinies. (Isaiah 8: 18; Acts 10.3

15. Let us pray that none shall go back home empty handed. (Exodus 3: 21-22, Isaiah 49: 14-15)

16. Let us ask for fair weather during the Convention. (Psalms 127.1-2)

17. Let us ask for open heavens financially, for the RCCG and her members. (Isaiah 64.1; Psalms 24.l; Haggai 2.

18. Let us pray that God will move the heart of His people to give abundantly towards the work of mission all over the world. (Proverbs 21 .1)

19. Let us pray that God will confirm His words with signs and wonders in all RCCG parishes. (Isaiah 44.26, Luke 5.17)

20. Let us ask for God’s protection on all the Pastors and Missionaries that are on mission fields. (Psalms 121.4-5, Psalms 14O.1)

21. Let us pray that God will make them to be completely broken and dedicated for God in their daily life. (Psalms 15.1-5, Psalms 51.10)

22. Let us pray that God will give them the grace to be obedient to the voice of Holy Spirit daily. (Ezekiel 36.26, Amos 3.3)

23. Every country has its own peculiarity, let us pray that God will grant our leaders all over the world wisdom to make Jesus win always in their respective countries. (Ecclesiastes 10.1O)

24. Let us pray that God will grant us personal landed property on our mission fields all over the world. (Psalms 24.1-2)

25. Let us pray that God will grant us favour before both government and people of every country that RCCG has entered or is proposing to go into now. (Exodus 3.21-22, Exodus 35.35-36)

26. Let us ask God to locate and grant to RCCG all over the world, those specific hotels and worship places ordained by God to start off the RCCG churches in virgin countries where RCCG is not in existence. (Psalms 24.1)