Tuesday, 16 July 2013


We Nigerians are fools; the bible say my people die because they lack knowledge but when we even know, that do we do. That makes us a compounded fool. Fools is define as a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person or should i say we are silly. Or are we been taking for a fool. Since the New democracy we have not challenge our leaders, we take everything they throw at us. Today, I heard PHCN have increase electricity tariff again despite nobody is enjoying stable electricity supply. What is the bases for this? Everyday we wake up to one shock or the other and we never question them. Egyptian are still asking questions, so do Americans over a decisions are facts there daily life. When are we going to stand up as a champion and ask questions on all this outrageous and falsified bill on us yet our incomes remain the same. Millions able and qualified Nigerians are unemployed, hospital not available, poverty in the land, no housing. When are we going to see that our leaders dont like us. Are we going to remain a fool? remember even the bible say we should ask, maybe our problem will be solve only if we can ask our leaders or hold them accountable.