Friday, 26 July 2013


I am worried about the state of our beloved country that has been place under international ridicule and poverty by our leaders. My point is this, are you happy? And if not, what have you begin doing to turn things around? We are blessed with resources both human and materials but these have not transformed into anything meaningful to average Nigerians.
There is gross unemployment, corruption, exploitation, violent, intimidation, oppression and suppression, kidnapping and killings, lack of justice and lack of concern to the yearnings of common man. Nigerians are suffering but cant complain, leadership have make it a rightful duty to live and others die. The students are lacking in all aspect of their education even the classroom are in bad state, the lecturers are not paid with nothing, no research fund and yet the government want them to do magic.
The president is changing his aircraft everyday, celebrating corruption with friends at the expense of common man; buying top cars for his PAs and friends, no corrupt official have been jail or prosecute. Who will help the common man? the suffering and struggle is much; no light despite paying our bills, no good road, even communication is not working well. What happen to the dreams of a common man? with the minimum wages approved by the national assembly, signed by the government at federal and state level, cannot make a living, even a child while our senators earn income that can pay salaries of over 24 VCs, is this not marginalization of Nigeria people.
Are we going to seat down and allow these politicians destroy our struggle for democracy? They never believed we commons as they say or youths have any stake, neither do women. PDP led government in the central, is for the few while each states practice individualism. No Nigerian believes he or she can get job without knowing someone to push for him or her. No political party is better. So what do we do about this? Cant we start asking questions? Demonstrate against bad policy or rules? Or we should just believe na just four years, e go better? I think our future is in our hand, mostly Nigerian Youth. We are grossly been exploited and abused by our leaders, who enjoy almost everything free. For Instance, a governor who pay less than N500 throughout his day at Uniben forcing students in his state to pay as high as N250,000 yearly and we kept quiet, they are privileged on our quietness.
I rest my thought.